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Ductless Heating System

May 23rd, 2015

What once was a five apartment dwelling in this Back Bay townhouse on Marlborough Street is now undergoing renovation to a single family. The main attraction here is the heating and cooling system. We are implementing a Hyper Heat system. Have you heard of it? You might know it as a …

Thirty years ago, Mitsubishi introduced ductless heating system technology to a ducted industry. In 2003, variable refrigerant flow technologies revolutionize how buildings are designed and built. In 2007, hyper heating became a reality even in extreme climates. Today, Mitsubishi has revolutionized the industry again, with heat pumps that work with outside temperatures at 13 below. The Mitsubishi Hyper Heat System. Big Home? Small Bills. Here’s how.

Ductless Heating System

How does the Cooling and Heating Benefit YOU?

Superior heating performance.

  • Ductless heating system requires less equipment installation. No reconstruction of walls in a renovation.
  • Two pipe system. One for heat. One for cold. That means less connections and less maintenance as well.
  • Simultaneous Operation. The ability to cool certain areas while heating other areas.
  • Wireless Remote Control

Ductless Heating System

Ductwork is inefficient, costly and soon to be a thing of the past. This residential systems offers year-round, high-efficiency cooling and heating for bedrooms, basements, sunrooms and more. Essentially, heat pumps are now a realistic option for any home, in any climate. Single room and multi room solutions.

“The Mitsubishi Electric system used in the project is very effective because it requires less duct work, the small outdoor unit tucks in easily on the rooftop, provides good indoor air quality, is energy efficient and is extremely quiet. We’re thrilled that the Northampton, Mass KFC-Taco Bell has been granted LEED Gold certification. “

Two Pipe System

The two pipe system advantage. Simultaneous cooling and heating with just two pipes is something no other VRF manufacturer can do. As the number of indoor units grow, so do the two–pipe installations savings, in terms of connections (refrigerant and electrical) as well as maintenance access. An eye sensor scans the room for hot and cold pockets and blasts warm or cold air to those areas as needed.

Simultaneous Operation

Multi-zoning systems allow you to control areas of a floor or building that require heating and those that require cooling. Not at different times of the year. At the same time of day. Any time of the year. For more specifications, please refer to the Ductless Heating System by Mitsubishi.

Wireless Remote Control

Connect the comfort system to the internet to provide remote access from PC, smartphone or tablet. This provides the ability for you to remotely monitor and control your cooling and heating system, at any time, from any place.

Request a Consultation with Connaughton Construction for your project. This Ductless Heating System is the perfect heating solution to residential and commercial projects; perfect for places of worship, schools, homes, multi-unit offices and multi-unit condos. Find out if your project qualifies for MA state rebate.

Porcelain Tile Looks Like Marble

May 15th, 2015

Porcelain Tile Looks Like Marble. I think you’ll love it!

Latest Trends in Tile

The latest trend in tiles is using porcelain tile that looks like marble. This will wow you and inspire you to make your renovation dreams a reality.

Porcelain tile, it’s not just for floors. Porcelain tile comes in sheets which can be used for walls, countertops, outdoor walls, columns and traditional shower floors. It’s quite versatile, whether for a large setting or a smaller one.   Porcelain tile for a professional design anywhere; kitchens, baths, living rooms, halls, and offices.Porcelain Tile That Looks like Marble

It’s a top-of-the-range product that can be used on walls and floors in both residential and commercial settings.

Modern and traditional elegance creating warm or cool lifestyles.

Environmental Attributes of Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile has environmental qualities

  • ultra low VOCs,
  • is an all natural product,
  • can be cleaned with water alone – no chemicals needed
  • does not emit contaminants, and
  • does not support growth of mold, fungus or bacteria

No Maintenance Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tile is stronger than granite. It resists staining and is easy to clean with just plain water. It lasts a long time with its superior wear resistance quality. These tiles require no extraordinary maintenance as compared to a natural stone product.

Porcelain tile is elegant and strong styles, colors and sizes that fit your home and style. It suits the taste of Americans while retaining your worldly flair.

Porcelain tile surfaces light up rooms with warm opulence capturing your visitor’s attention. Crafted from clay and fired to perfection, porcelain tiles exhibit elegant, vibrant tones and charismatic textures.

We’ve talked a lot about residential applications of porcelain tile. It has equally beneficial qualities for commercial use as well. Commercial porcelain tile surfaces are an affordable tile flooring option with a striking visual appeal for your interior and exterior flooring, walls, countertops, fireplaces and vanities.

Have your own project you want to get started? Request a Consultation with Connaughton Construction and explore the beauty of natural stone in a low maintenance porcelain tile.


Phantom Retractable Screens Invisible Protection

May 1st, 2015

Do you desire an invisible solution to opening the doors and allowing fresh air inside? Do you want to maintain that uninterrupted view? Phantom screens might be a good solution for your luxury home. There are many locations in your home to use phantom screens. They fit a wide variety of openings; patios, porches, balconies, verandas and lanais. They fit in picture windows, roman archways, and custom large openings.

Phantom Retractable Screens Custom for Large Openings

Phantom Retractable Screens Custom for Large Openings

The Executive Motorized retractable screens have various mounting options. They can be recessed into walls, columns and ceiling cavities.

Optional sun and wind sensors that allow the screens to respond to environmental conditions.

Home automation devices with hand-held or wall-mounted remote to operate one or more screens.

Maintains decor view. Fiberglass mesh ensures durability and provides full ventilation and protection from insects, solar and maintains your privacy.

Nine color choices. Custom colors are available to blend with your unique decor, including wood and grain finishes. The finish that is applied resists fading and chipping.

 Limited Lifetime Warranty

Custom Retractable Screens for Large Openings. Covered patios and lanais, large lift and slide door systems, curtain walls and oversized picture windows.

 Retractable Window Screens

Serene retractable window screens can be used with single hung, double hung, casement and awning windows, sliding and Tilt-N-Turn windows. Prestige Retractable Window screens provide custom wood windows to keep insects out. Prestige screens retract out of sight available in custom colors.

Retractable Door Screens

Phantom Retractable Door screens are simple to operate, durable, and blend with any architectural style. Designs for door screens offer uninterrupted views and natural ventilation combined with protection from insects and harsh glare of the sun. The Professional Series retractable door screens use a magnet latching system. The Legacy Retractable Door Screen offers smooth operation and optimum control with the latch and release handles feature. There is Pleated Retractable Door Screen for large doorways featuring a bottom rail. This model is good for high traffic doorways.

Phantom Retractable Screens invisible protection


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