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199 State Street Renovation Project 2015

July 31st, 2015

Greenway Place Luxury Condos Renovation 2015

199 State Street Renovation Project 2015. In case you missed our blog article in May about the beginning of this luxury condo renovation (before Pictures) at the Rose Kennedy GreenWay on the historic State Street. If you did see it, welcome back. Here’s what we’ve been up to. We’re breaking down the walls in Boston, turning 2 condos into one luxurious space; 4 bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths, 2 fireplaces. Prepare yourself for some extraordinary After pictures of a renovation gone well.

Private Elevator Entrance Hallway. 199 State Street Renovation Project 2015. Connaughton Construction.A grand hallway

entrance invites you in with 2 big walnut double doors, new hardwood floors and new custom milled wood trim all around. What once was a common hallway turned private entry with private elevator for this luxury condo owner. The walnut doors are custom made with a 2 hour fire rating, a special fireproof core that can withstand heat for about 2 hours. The hallway has a new ceiling, new lighting.  Walk inside the apartment from the first door on the left by elevator, you walk into the inside entrance to the condominium.



Hallway Expanded Two Condos - 199 State Street Renovation Project 2015.  Connaughton Construction.The main entry foyer.

On each side of the walnut doors are custom designed built-in display areas with mirrors in the back for an even larger than life effect on the space and creating a reflection of the incredible view outside of the Kennedy Greenway. The countertops are calcatta marble imported from Italy. The same marble used in the kitchen countertops. The columns mark the walls that once existed separating the two spaces. Beyond you see the electric fireplace.

Wood Beams Exposed 

The drop ceilings are gone and original beams are exposed. The stain and finish of the beams is a light color in the kitchen, making the ceilings appear even higher than their 8 1/2 feet. It truly did brighten up the space!

The foyer is full of elegant Lighting, classic architecture, exposed beams, new hardwood floors.


While removing the drop ceiling, we found an arched ceiling. We Custom Kitchen -199 State Street Renovation Project 2015. Connaughton Construction.restored it with new plaster. The light color custom cabinets and new hardwood flooring are perfectly accented by the white italian, with subtle grey and gold veining, marble countertops by Calacatta. Something that is really special about this marble countertop is that marble is usually 1 1/4″ – 1 1/2″ thick. This marble is 2″ thick. If you look closely, you might see blue tabs on the cabinets. That is because the hardware is on order from France. All appliances are Viking and Thermador stainless steel appliances, used by executive chefs around the world. Dierdre chose the Viking double oven, a side-by-side refrigerator, microwave and stove top. The stove has a ductless ventilation system. A solution provided by Connaughton Construction with the stove on an inside wall and the inability to run duct work above or below this unit. They thought of everything down to an electrical outlet in the middle of the floor. The built-in shelves, flat screen tv and ventless gas fireplace.


Baths -199 State Street Renovation Project 2015. Connaughton Construction.Guest Bath.

The guest bath is a new bathroom. The wall between the shower and the rest of the bath area is a glass shower door with built-in cabinets that hide a pipe shaft. A wall hung toilet with a wall flush is in place due to the location the architect wanted the toilet.  This is a new bath with no existing plumbing. In order to run new plumbing, we would need access to the ceiling in the condominium below. Using the wall hung toilet allowed us to perform all work right here within the bathroom. Turns out, it’s a space saver as well.


The bath on the left in the picture is an existing bath updated with new lighting, new faucets, new tile, and a new mirror to continue the new style according to the renovation. We removed the old medicine cabinets, hung the large mirror and installed wall mounted faucet and handles. The beams were refinished and lightened, the walls repainted and a new shower door installed.


Bedroom with Original Brick, Stone and Skylights. 199 State Street Renovation Project 2015. Connaughton Construction.

In this Bedroom,

we preserve the character of this old mill with original beams, skylights, brick walls and stone structures in the walls. The beams were carefully refinished with a lighter color by our wood refinisher and the room repainted to lighten up the space.




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Architect on project; Darin Mardock, Mardock Designs, Inc., Boston.
Photograph credits to Darin Mardock, Mardock Designs, Inc., Boston.

Net Zero Energy Home

July 24th, 2015

Is there a Net Zero Energy Home in your future?

Net Zero Energy Home by Connaughton ConstructionAre you thinking about buying or building a new home? Would you consider buying a home that comes with zero energy bills and zero carbon emissions? A Net Zero Energy Home is so energy-efficient. The sun provides all the energy you will ever need each year. You could be pocketing thousands of dollars in energy savings, while you’re protecting the environment.

What is a Net Zero Energy Home?

A Net Zero Energy Home is a home that produce as much energy as it consumes over the course of a year.

Is a Net Zero Energy Home more expensive?

A Net Zero Energy Home costs about 5-6% more when you utilize all the energy incentives that are available today. They are market comparable and you can get all the luxuries that you normally would expect in a conventional home  as well as having zero energy bills. There are tax incentives and rebates.
A Net Zero Energy Home appraise for more than a conventional home. You’ll want to use a green certified appraiser.
How much does it cost to be connected to the heat grid? There is a $10 a month cost to be connected to the energy grid. At the end of the month, your energy bill is zero. How’s that for those of us who struggle to pay our energy bills every month? A home owner with Net Zero Energy homes are producing more energy then they’re using so they have energy to give folks who are struggling with their winter heating bill. This is an opportunity to help others.

Aside from the Energy Savings What makes a Net Zero Energy Home so desirable?

When you build a Net Zero Energy Home  you integrate a lot of things into the shell and into the interior of the home. It’s well lit. It’s healthy living. It’s well ventilated with fresh air. And at the end of the year your energy bill is zero.
From designers and builders of Net Zero Energy Homes, they will tell you these homes are, from the outside, the same as many other homes. You’ll see the solar thermal collectors, the solar electric collectors on the roof. Once you get inside the home, the exterior walls are quite a bit thicker. The heating and cooling systems are a lot more efficient than your typical system of other homes. Many of the other parts and pieces; the appliances have been specifically chosen for these homes to lower the energy bill to zero as best possible.
To potential buyers of Net Zero Energy Homes. You are insulating yourself from the rise of energy costs. You are protecting your investment. The home will sell for more and it will sell faster on the market. Home owners of Net Zero Energy Homes state they love it because there are no drafts in the middle of winter. Fresh filtered air is circulated continuously. Best of all having zero carbon emissions is healthier for the planet and healthier for future generations.
Conventional homes consume close to 30% of the nation’s energy. That’s a lot of carbon emissions. A Net Zero Energy Home is so achievable. Why not? Why not do this for the environment and our grandchildren? Zero energy bills. Zero carbon emissions and a healthier home.

Zero Energy Homes Raise the Bar for Home Construction

Find a Net Zero Energy Home Builder in the Boston area by Contact Connaughton Construction about Net Zero Energy Homes today! or Call 781-899-1438, ext. 14 for John. There never was a better time for all of us to “think global and act local.”

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Mirror Screen TV

July 1st, 2015

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the brightest of them all?

Mirror TV On and Off - Connaughton Construction

The Mirror Screen TV by Ox-Home

The ultimate in luxury entertainment. Match your interior with your television, turning it into a sophisticated mirror television. Visit the showcase of possibilities with Mirror Screen TV by Ox-Home, showcasing how it blends beautifully with any decor. So exclusive, resellers must apply to obtain a very exclusive Ox-Home reselling license.

The Samsung LED Mirror Screen TV

Mirror Screen TV - Connaughton Construction

The LED Mirror Screen TV isn’t simply a television, it is an elegant piece of functional art that complements the design of your room. They are hand crafted using the finest frame styles and highest quality mirror available. The framed televisions are ultra slim, with a depth of only 2″. They are available in a wide variety of finishes to blend seamlessly with your décor. You can mount them on your wall just like any flat screen TV.

The Samsung LED televisions offer the latest 2D and 3D display technology, providing the most vivid picture available on the market. The TVs include optional 3D, which is in effect only when you wear the 3D glasses. Also included is Samsung Apps, which allows you to access websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora.

Re-creation Medicine Cabinet

Recreation Medicine Cabinet - Connaughton ConstructionLuxury at its best. What could be better than watching your favorite sport team or soap opera while soaking in the tub? The Bath spa Re-creation Medicine Cabinet is technology at its finest, in the luxury bath. 15.6 LED HDTV integrated into mirror door. The mirror technology provides reflective surface when TV is off. Available in satin finish. GlassWaves audio integrated into mirror door. 720p, 1080i, 16:9 widescreen ratio. Waterproof buoyant remote included. HDMI and RF input. Left/Right audio out. ATSC/NTSC QAM TV Tuner. Designed for humid bathroom environments equipped with a defogger. 9 watt, 120 volt, LED module included. Size 23.25W x 40H x 4D.

As the pioneer and leader in Lighted Mirror and Mirror TV Technology™, Electric Mirror® has served the hospitality industry for over a decade. Strong design and surprising technology make Electric Mirror’s products the most effective way to instantly communicate excellence and flawless luxury standards to discerning guests.

About Electric Mirror Technology

Electric Mirror’s industry-leading reputation for product originality, flexibility and quality is unmatched, and now you can bring this luxury technology to your own home, as well.

Browse Lightology’s selection of Lighted Mirrors, Mirror TVs and medicine cabinets from Electric Mirror®. Perfect for contemporary hotels, restaraunts and residences, in bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, and more. Shipping included in prices. Made in the USA.

Commercial LED Screens

Mirror Screen TV - Connaughton ConstructionInside or outside, a diffusion screen that is very bright thanks to the LEDs ! Ideal for screens up to 787″ diagonal. Comes in the form of slab 82″, can be combined with others to infinity. Incredible sound and visual clarity for large entertainment meant for stadiums and auditoriums.



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