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3 Ways to Prepare for Winter in the Northeast, Bostonians

When we prepare for winter in the northeast, Bostonians go all out. We use Nest thermostat technology, icynene insulation, and heated flooring; inside and out. NEST Thermostat Technology Did you leave the house and forget to turn down the heat? Are you heading home on a warm summer day or cold winter night and would like […]

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Connaughton Collection of Custom Kitchens

We are proud to share with you the Connaughton Collection of Custom Kitchens. The kitchen is the heart of any home. It is a room where the family congregates. It’s a space to entertain guests. The kitchens with marble counters, wood floors, specialized cabinets and clever automation are taking form. There are plenty of kitchen remodeling trends taking […]

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Connaughton Collection of Luxury Baths

We are proud to share with you the Connaughton collection of Luxury baths. It brings us much satisfaction to make our clients dreams come true. To create their retreat. We have built many styles from simple to fancy. From the colorful to the infinity look of luxurious white marble. We invite you to watch the […]

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Current Project 310 Marlborough Street

Boston’s Back Bay 310 Marlborough St,  formerly a multi-family home with approximately 4,704 square feet, built in 1899. The average list price for Back Bay today is $2,429,400. This is one sought after neighborhood in Boston, ranking as Boston’s Luxury Properties. The panoramic views and exceptional location in the trendy and sophisticated Boston’s Back Bay make residences on […]

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Ductless Heating System

What once was a five apartment dwelling in this Back Bay townhouse on Marlborough Street is now undergoing renovation to a single family. The main attraction here is the heating and cooling system. We are implementing a Hyper Heat system. Have you heard of it? You might know it as a … Thirty years ago, […]

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Best Types of Radiant Floor Heating

Add Comfort With Heated Tile Flooring Walking on warm tile floors in the middle of the winter can be a reality for many homeowners. Choose radiant floor heating to make your tile flooring comfortable in any season. Just imagine a bathroom retreat, where with the touch of a button, your floors radiate warmth. Two types […]

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Hidden Challenges of Historic Preservation

Imagine, if you will, the historic preservation of a building that was once ten to twelve small apartments. Now you’ll find four multi-million dollar condominiums in prime location of Back Bay Boston; where luxury design unravels. From a homeowners point of view, you might want to know you can experience this Grand Back Bay multi-million […]

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Luxury Home Design Trends 2014

Top 10 Luxury Home Design Trends 2014 For the average home hunter, they look for large bathrooms, big back yards, and gourmet kitchens. The deal breakers are multiple bathrooms and garages. When it comes to luxury  real estate, the stakes are a bit higher. The common items are expected. So, what’s on the list of must-haves for the […]

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Caesarstone: Colors, Textures and Applications

If You Can Visualize it, Caesarstone Has It Caesarstone has the right color, texture and application combination for your home renovation project. Caesarstone Color Choices Caesarstone has 45 distinct colors to choose from. Presently four colors offered are made from recycled material. Both Quartz Reflections and Ruby Reflections are colors are made with up to 35% post-consumer recycled glass […]

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Six Critical Decisions a Construction Manager helps you make

There are so many decisions a home owner must make to get through a renovation project. This article narrows it down to six critical decisions a construction manager helps you make. Your custom builder will work with you and your Architect to get the job off to the right start. If your project costs more than a […]

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