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Caesarstone Textures

December 23rd, 2014

Caesarstone Textures give you another choice for your quartz surfaces. Choose from the appearance of texture that’s smooth to the touch, or actual tactile texture. Today we explore four unique Caesarstone Textures. Crocodile and Lace, from the Caesarstone Motivo collection. Profondo and Sirena, from the Caesarstone Concetto collection.

Caesarstone Motivo Lace

Caesarstone Textures, Motivo Lace Bathroom Connaughton Construction

Caesarstone Motivo Lace Delicately Decorated Bath

Motivo Lace is an intricate, floral pattern with elegant and delicate detail. This versatile design will suit many applications. It’s available in the popular shade of Snow. Bedrooms, bathrooms, and quiet spaces will benefit from Motivo Lace. A peaceful yet sophisticated choice from the Caesarstone Textures.

The Motivo Collection  combines a contrasting raised polished pattern with a matte backdrop. The present trend in decorative and textured finishes is a strong one.

CaesarStone Textures in the Motivo Collection are original and  contemporary. They are highly effective alternatives to traditional patterned surface materials such as ceramic tiles, wall covering, and custom furnishings compatible to this trend.


Caesarstone Motivo Crocodile

Caesarstone Textures, Motivo Crocodile Board Room Table. Connaughton Construction

Caesarstone Motive Crocodile Meeting of the Minds


Motivo Crocodile is a sophisticated & bold pattern from the Caesarstone Textures. Any project will be enhanced by its understated glamour. A jet black surface, Crocodile is highly tactile and will add to any sophisticated environment.

The striking Motivo collection offers a stain and scratch resistant work surface. Motivo Crocodile in the Caesarstone Texturesis suitable for even the busiest residential and commercial surfaces needing to add that WOW factor without compromising on practicality.

Caesarstone’s masterpiece Concetto collection consists of extraordinary visual Caesarstone Textures. They are hand-made from individually cut and bound semi-precious stones. Concept’s colors are vivid and its designs are awe-inspiring. The Concetto collection brings out the innate brilliance of the stones while enhancing the luster of their natural beauty.

Caesarstone Concetto Sirena

Caesarstone Textures Concetto Sirena Buffet Table. Connaughton Construction

Caesarstone Concetto Sirena Beautiful Buffet


Caesarstone Concetto Sirena is a rich and warm design crafted with Tiger Eye. Glowing and earthy surfaces adorning this pattern from the Caesarsone Textures will inspire the sense of strength and calm. It will evoke the feeling of sun and sand. Consider Concetto Sirena for places that require a balance of clarity and concentration, peace and relaxation.

The Concetto Collection isa harmonious blend of art, nature and technology. This group of patterns is created by fusing nature’s shapes and tones with individually cut semi-precious stones. The result  are these incredibly stunning Caesarstone Textures that can enhance your unique home decor.



Caesarstone Concetto Profondo

Caesarstone Textures Concetto Profundo Wall Cladding. Connaughton Construction.

Caesarstone Concetto Profondo: Wonderful Wall Cover


Caesarstone Concetto Profondo is designed with Blue Agate. Blue Agate is a crystal worn in jewelry. It is said to inspire communication and enhance focus. Concetto Profondo evokes a balance of emotion and balance. It aids the capacity for simple clear thought. This choice of the Caesarstone Textures works well in gathering places, where people come together to connect and share ideas.

Some of the semi-precious stones in the Caesarstone Concetto Collection are breathtakingly translucent. They can be backlit for added effect. To create a dynamic look, they elegantly capture and diffuse light. The Profondo collection is  ideal for bench tops, back splashes, and custom furniture surfaces.

Texture can add depth, richness, space, luxury, and intrigue. Texture is the stage that sets the scene. Which Caesarstone Textures will help you complete your design story?


Caesarstone Textures

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