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Ten Steps to Zero Energy Home

The ten steps to zero energy home is a lifestyle change. 1. Energy Audit After you conduct an energy audit, you are ready for an architect or engineer that can put the plans on paper. The  architect or engineer takes all of the specifications from the energy audit and integrates them into a complete design document. […]

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Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

What is a Green Roof? A “green roof” is an extension of an existing roof on top of the concrete slab, including a high-quality waterproofing membrane, a root repellant system or root barrier, a drainage layer, filter cloth, lightweight growing medium and soil, irrigation system and plants. How do Green Roofs Make for Healthy Cities? […]

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Net Zero Energy Home

Is there a Net Zero Energy Home in your future? Are you thinking about buying or building a new home? Would you consider buying a home that comes with zero energy bills and zero carbon emissions? A Net Zero Energy Home is so energy-efficient. The sun provides all the energy you will ever need each year. You could be […]

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Save Millions with Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

The last time I had to buy new light bulbs, I thought I knew what I was doing. Before leaving home, I noted the wattage and the type of light bulb. I get to Home Depot only to find there’s an entire aisle of light bulbs from which to choose. I walk up and down […]

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