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Eight Smart Ideas to Plan Your Outdoor Kitchen

August 26th, 2015

More and more homeowners are updating their backyards with outdoor kitchens. Outdoor kitchens allow you to enjoy the same delight of indoor dining with the serenity of the great outdoors at your side. Installing an outdoor kitchen can not only prove to be a gift to yourself, you can justify it as as an investment that will yield gains in the near future.

“Nearly two-thirds of architects are seeing increased demand for things like outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, according to an American Institute of Architects (AIA) Survey. There are no longer these hard divides between how folks are living inside and outside.”

-Kermit Baker Senior Research Fellow at Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies

Prep, Cooking, Serving, and Cleaning Stations for your Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor-Kitchen-Escapes - Connaughton Construction

Planning Your Outdoor Kitchen

Make sure that you have all the essentials to creating an outdoor kitchen area. This means having dedicated spaces where you can prep, cook, serve, and clean dishes. This will make your outdoor kitchen plan an all in one dining solution. Doing half the work indoors defeats the purpose of Outdoor Kitchen with Pergola - Connaughton Constructioninstalling an outdoor kitchen. Make sure that you include all of the essentials. Place faucets away from the cooking area so that the cook doesn’t have to be interrupted every time somebody needs to wash their hands.

Outdoor heating for Outdoor Kitchen

Heated Outdoor Kitchens - Connaughton Construction

Heated Outdoor Kitchens

While the weather may be warm when you start grilling, when the sun goes down in new England the night air chill may set in. Make sure that you’re comfortable by strategically placing patio heaters around your backyard and outdoor kitchen. Patio heaters allow your diners to enjoy the night air without needing to stay bundled up. Create a warming focal point by building a brick fireplace that guests can gather around.

Planning Your Outdoor Kitchen Layout

The layout of your outdoor kitchen is one of the most important things you’ll have to decide on. It will determine how smooth the nights events go. Fashion a dining table and seating arrangements in a way that makes seating inclusive. Make sure that your eating area is in close proximity to the grill. This will make serving easy when the food is so delicious that everybody wants seconds!

Outdoor Kitchen Entertainment & Accessibility

Throw in some built-in speakers around the outdoor kitchen to create a fun and social environment. Adequate lighting is necessary to keep your outdoor living area safe and accessible for all individuals. If you have friends or family members who are disabled, make sure that you accommodate all paths and walkways for them. Accessible outdoor furniture allows everybody to join in the fun.

How much for outdoor kitchens? About $35,000 on average

Have the Best Builder in Boston to Design and Build Your Outdoor Kitchen. Contact Connaughton Construction today! or Call 781-899-1438, ext. 14 for John. There never was a better time to enjoy your outdoor space.

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Ductless Heating System

May 23rd, 2015

What once was a five apartment dwelling in this Back Bay townhouse on Marlborough Street is now undergoing renovation to a single family. The main attraction here is the heating and cooling system. We are implementing a Hyper Heat system. Have you heard of it? You might know it as a …

Thirty years ago, Mitsubishi introduced ductless heating system technology to a ducted industry. In 2003, variable refrigerant flow technologies revolutionize how buildings are designed and built. In 2007, hyper heating became a reality even in extreme climates. Today, Mitsubishi has revolutionized the industry again, with heat pumps that work with outside temperatures at 13 below. The Mitsubishi Hyper Heat System. Big Home? Small Bills. Here’s how.

Ductless Heating System

How does the Cooling and Heating Benefit YOU?

Superior heating performance.

  • Ductless heating system requires less equipment installation. No reconstruction of walls in a renovation.
  • Two pipe system. One for heat. One for cold. That means less connections and less maintenance as well.
  • Simultaneous Operation. The ability to cool certain areas while heating other areas.
  • Wireless Remote Control

Ductless Heating System

Ductwork is inefficient, costly and soon to be a thing of the past. This residential systems offers year-round, high-efficiency cooling and heating for bedrooms, basements, sunrooms and more. Essentially, heat pumps are now a realistic option for any home, in any climate. Single room and multi room solutions.

“The Mitsubishi Electric system used in the project is very effective because it requires less duct work, the small outdoor unit tucks in easily on the rooftop, provides good indoor air quality, is energy efficient and is extremely quiet. We’re thrilled that the Northampton, Mass KFC-Taco Bell has been granted LEED Gold certification. “

Two Pipe System

The two pipe system advantage. Simultaneous cooling and heating with just two pipes is something no other VRF manufacturer can do. As the number of indoor units grow, so do the two–pipe installations savings, in terms of connections (refrigerant and electrical) as well as maintenance access. An eye sensor scans the room for hot and cold pockets and blasts warm or cold air to those areas as needed.

Simultaneous Operation

Multi-zoning systems allow you to control areas of a floor or building that require heating and those that require cooling. Not at different times of the year. At the same time of day. Any time of the year. For more specifications, please refer to the Ductless Heating System by Mitsubishi.

Wireless Remote Control

Connect the comfort system to the internet to provide remote access from PC, smartphone or tablet. This provides the ability for you to remotely monitor and control your cooling and heating system, at any time, from any place.

Request a Consultation with Connaughton Construction for your project. This Ductless Heating System is the perfect heating solution to residential and commercial projects; perfect for places of worship, schools, homes, multi-unit offices and multi-unit condos. Find out if your project qualifies for MA state rebate.

New Custom Home Project Trends for 2015 – Part 2 of 2

January 27th, 2015

The New Custom Home Project Trends for 2015 Part 2 of 2 discover energy saving improvements, painting with low VOC paints, and adding character with reclaimed wood flooring.

Implement Energy Saving Improvements


Solar Panels on the gridThe first of New Custom Home Project Trends for 2015 lies in solar panels. If you’re designing a new home, consider working with the custom home builder and your contractor to incorporate your small renewable energy system into your whole-house design — an approach for building an energy-efficient home.

A small solar electric or photovoltaic system can be a reliable and pollution-free producer of electricity for your home or office. Small photovoltaics systems also provide a cost-effective power supply in locations where it is expensive or impossible to send electricity through conventional power lines.

Planning for a home renewable energy system is a process that includes analyzing your existing electricity use (and considering energy efficiency measures to reduce it), looking at local codes and requirements, deciding if you want to operate your system on or off of the electric grid, and understanding technology options you have for your site.

There are several options for mounting Solar panels; ground mounting, roof mounting, trackers and fixed racks.

We also discuss how Solar Panels increase home values,  reducing CO2 emissions, and create jobs.

US Department of Energy


The second of New Custom Home Project Trends for 2015 is Insulation. Icynene spray foam insulation is effectively benefit your home by providing energy efficiency, noise reduction, moisture control and improved indoor air quality.

In Massachusetts, NSTAR and Columbia Gas give rebates for Icynene spray foam insulation for air duct sealing, attic ceiling insulation, floor insulation, foundation insulation and more. There are residential codes associated with Spray Foam Insulation.  Call Connaughton Construction with more questions. They have the details for you.

Paint your house with Low VOC paints

Zero VOC Paint by Benjamin Moore - NaturaThe third of New Custom Home Project Trends for 2015 is low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) Paints. Benjamin Moore has Zero VOC paints.  Natura remains zero-VOC even after tinting, which means it remains virtually odorless regardless of color.


Install Reclaimed Wood Flooring

The fourth of New Custom Home Project Trends for 2015 is reclaimed wood flooring is increasingly popular. People love it because it not only increases the character of a new or old home renovation but it comes with a story to tell. If floors could talk. These will. Just leave it to the home owner. Reclaimed wood flooring doesn’t just have to go on the floor. Some creative home owners have used it for post and beam, on walls, on ceilings, between two walls to create a built-in desk, as tables, bed headboards, mirror frames, as sliding barn-look doors or room dividers.

New Custom Home Project Trends for 2015 – Part 2 of 2

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