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Luxury Kitchen and Bath Design Trends of New England 2017

January 28th, 2018

A place in time where classic architecture meets contemporary design. The trends in style seem to be to go natural with a continuity in textures. Trends give us new ways of seeing and thinking. They sometimes reflect larger shifts in our society’s mode of living. As with most other aspects of existence, they don’t last forever.

With that, we’ve polled the mind of one our region’s top building professionals to give us an overview of what they see coming, staying, and going—in New England style. 

One thing remains status quo – Our clients want the best materials and the best craftsmanship.

Kitchen Design Trend 2017

Luxury kitchen Trends New England 2017 by Connaughton ConstructionOne of the best ways to ensure you’re creating a kitchen with design staying power is to pay attention to the current direction of kitchen trends. For starters, the popular colors in kitchens this year are light shades of white and gray. Gray is such a classic color. It serves as the perfect background color for any room and lets us add other elements and layers to the aesthetic. 

Pendant Lighting over kitchen islands

Kitchens are no longer just viewed as functional spaces. Homeowners want to infuse their personalities into every space in their homes, and one of the best ways to add a sense of personal style to the kitchen is with lighting. More people are choosing large pendants or statement lighting for above their islands or centered in the space.

Pendant lighting over islands. LED lighting both recessed and under counters. 

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Custom kitchen cabinets also sport light colors and often times darker color island cabinets for a dash of color, a contrast, to add interest to the room. 

Tile Backsplash to countertops

We have been seeing tile backsplash in glass, stone or ceramic are popular. This is where the continuity in color is continued, using glass, stone or ceramic for texture. Glass adds to high gloss we see in painted cabinets and painted millwork.

Stainless Steel Appliances

People are spending a lot of time in the kitchen, chefing it up, entertaining, and family gatherings always go well with good food. Stainless steel appliances are still popular. High-end gas ranges, such as Viking and Thermidor with double wall ovens and separate gas cooktops. Custom stainless steel, brass or built-in vent hoods are popular.

Granite and Quartz Countertops

Stone countertops remain popular; granite, quartz and caesarstone. Granite was once the gold-standard in kitchen countertops, but it’s being phased out in most kitchens thanks to new, more durable options. Surfaces like engineered stone and soapstone offer a similar look to granite but require less maintenance. 

Granite vs. Quartz: Is One Better Than The Other? | HGTV’s Decorating …

Goose Neck Faucets

Goose and round neck faucets are very popular in the kitchen. They can be pulled out and used as a spray faucet for larger stainless steel or porcelain sinks.


Luxury Kitchen Bath Design Trends New England 2017 by Connaughton Construction

Luxury baths include both the large walk-in showers to the freestanding soaking tubs. Large tile or stone slab showers with body sprays and rain shower heads are popular. Doors to the showers are frameless. In New England, bathrooms are largely heated tile floors and heated towel bars. Countertops to double sinks are marble or quartz stone. Vanities are custom natural wood or painted for a splash of color. White isn’t just for the kitchen. It pours into the bathroom as well.

High-Tech Toilets

Smart toilets feature several luxury conveniences, including hands-free flushing, automated lid opening and closing, seat heating, ambient lighting, and Bluetooth technology. The new ActiClean self-cleaning toilet from American Standard allows homeowners the ability to clean the toilet with a quick push of a button. A growing number of luxury hotels are including smart toilets, bidets, and other amenities in the bathroom. People enjoy the experience of using these toilets abroad and want to bring that experience to their own home. —Andrea Mongeau

Bigger Windows

Glass curtain walls, found most commonly in commercial buildings, are being used more and more in residential construction. These expansive walls of glass allow for an almost seamless view of the outdoors and are part of an overall trend toward larger windows to let in natural light and take advantage
of views

Interesting Ceilings

We are big proponents of using metallic tea paper on ceilings. It is especially effective in smaller spaces, such as powder rooms, or within the coffers of a ceiling. I also love to create cove ceiling details for indirect lighting. —Meichi Peng

Beadboard is popular again on ceilings, especially painted a soft white. The gentle white lines give a room a cozy feeling and remind us of older times, when things were more relaxed. —Ron DiMauro

Paneled Rooms 

Paneled rooms have never been trendy, for us. A beautifully paneled room is always classic, warm, comfortable. It needn’t be stuffy, especially if it is painted. Painted surfaces are almost always my preference over stained wood, anyway. —Jon Hattaway

Connaughton Construction has renovated several homes with classic mahogany walls and African Mahogany wall paneling shown in this luxury library.


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Connaughton Collection of Custom Kitchens

November 25th, 2015

We are proud to share with you the Connaughton Collection of Custom Kitchens. The kitchen is the heart of any home. It is a room where the family congregates. It’s a space to entertain guests.

The kitchens with marble counters, wood floors, specialized cabinets and clever automation are taking form. There are plenty of kitchen remodeling trends taking shape that will surely be in style come 2016.

Our goal with these projects, as with all our work, is to bring our clients dreams to life.  We invite you to watch the video below to see the collection of Custom Kitchens.

Beauty. Elegance. A sense of Style. These are the words our clients hear from friends and family when they see their new kitchens.

Kitchen Lighting

Good lighting design in a kitchen is a must, as is adequate counter space and rollout shelves. In fact, LED lighting has climbed to the top of kitchen wish lists. Introducing LED lights into your kitchen is a good start, but you also need to create layers of light to make your kitchen feel warm and welcoming while also providing functional task lighting. The best way to do that is to use different types of lights. Connaughton uses recessed lighting over stove areas that take up real estate on an inner most wall of the kitchen where less natural light reaches. Cabinet lights highlight countertops with under cabinet lighting. Pendant lighting over the island add color and style and direct lighting.

White & Gray Kitchen Cabinets

With more and more homeowners going the transitional or modern route, white kitchen cabinets have started to take shape. White is the dominant color for kitchen cabinets in 2015 and most likely, will remain so next year.

Gray is quickly climbing the color ranks as some opt for a more neutral look that can match the rest of the home.

Custom Countertops

One of the more popular kitchen countertop options for 2015 and 2016 is the marble counters. The light color custom cabinets, seen in the image below, and new hardwood flooring are perfectly accented by the white italian, with subtle grey and gold veining, marble countertops by Calacatta.

Many homeowners have taken classic tradition to heart and stuck with the classic black and white look in their kitchen remodels.

Black and white kitchens tend to offset each other and give the kitchen a clean, sleek and visually appealing design. It also benefits from the tension between country and modern. In fact, hardwood floors, offer black and white kitchens an effective counterpoint to sleek cabinet materials.


Connaughton Collection of Custom KitchensFind inspiration for a contemporary kitchen with stainless steel appliances by Thermador and Viking; appliances selected as used by executive chefs around the globe. Oversized side-by-side refrigerator,  a double oven, and a stove with ductless ventilation. The ductless ventilated stove was a solution Connaughton provided as a solution on a building renovation where luxury spaces exist above and below.





One trend that continues to be seen in luxury kitchens is the use of radiant heat. Cold marble and tile floors can be made more inviting with Radiant Floor heating.

Many luxury condominium owners are now designing their custom kitchens with Reclaimed Wood Flooring.


Connaughton Construction has brought the flat screen TV into more kitchens recently. A TV that can be neatly concealed when not in use offers both practicality and elegance.

Custom Kitchen Experts

For homeowners seeking a fresh look, our Bostonian custom kitchen design and build remodeling experts can get you started on the path to create a space with a whole new feel. Transform your kitchen into your dream kitchen and embrace a modern design that will provide efficiency and style for many years to come.

You won’t regret putting in these must-have features, but you’ll probably regret leaving them out, once it’s all finished. Let Connaughton Construction bring your imagination to life! Remodeling your kitchen not only makes one of the most used rooms in the house more lovely, it adds value to your property.

Contact Connaughton Construction today! or Call 781-899-1438, ext. 14 for John.

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About the Author. “Lover of all things digital – writing, SEO, websites – Carol Scalzo is the founder of Hit-the-Web Marketing where she helps businesses create significant, consistent, and valuable pieces of content. You can see more of her work at The Retail Factor, follow her on Twitter, or join her email list for businesses who want to turn their websites into lead generating machines.”