NEST Thermostat Technology by Connaughton Construction

When we prepare for winter in the northeast, Bostonians go all out. We use Nest thermostat technology, icynene insulation, and heated flooring; inside and out.

NEST Thermostat Technology

NEST Thermostat Technology by Connaughton ConstructionDid you leave the house and forget to turn down the heat? Are you heading home on a warm summer day or cold winter night and would like to walk into a comfortable environment? NEST Thermostat Technology allows you to control room temperature using a Phone App.

Most people leave the house at one temperature and forget to change it. The Nest Learning Thermostat learns your schedule and programs itself.

You teach NEST to save. Programming thermostats is complicated and irritating – but an un-programmed thermostat can waste 20% of your heating and cooling bill. So the Nest Thermostat programs itself. Just turn it up and turn it down. The Nest Thermostat learns what temperatures you like and builds a personalized schedule. Teach it efficient temperatures for a few days and, within a week, it’ll start setting them on its own. The leaf appears when you are saving energy.

NEST will email you a monthly Energy Report with a summary of your energy use and tips to help you save.

We haven’t tested it out thoroughly but NEST thermostat works with other appliances such as your washer and dryer, Mercedes tells NEST when you are on your way home, it works with Dropcam cameras to see what’s going on with your smoke alarm. NEST also works with Jawbone, a wrist band to wake you up and wakes up your thermostat.

Are you a National Grid Gas Customer in Massachusetts? You could get up to $450 in rebates. Go to this NationalGrid site. Select your state and indicate if you are a homeowner, renter or business. You’ll find various services and rebates.

Icynene Spray Foam Insulation

icynene spray foam insulation. Eco-friendly choices when building and remodelingIcynene insulation is a spray foam insulation for residential and commercial buildings. It helps seal air gaps, keeping moisture out and preventing mold issues. Use icynene in vented attics, unvented attics, internal walls, external walls, crawl spaces, cathedral ceilings, bonus rooms, and basements. This spray foam insulation can adhere to most surfaces, including steel, wood, concrete, and masonry.

ICYNENE spray foam insulation helps create healthier, more energy-efficient homes and commercial buildings. Icynene spray foam insulation is effective in any climate to benefit homeowners in energy efficiency, noise reduction, moisture control, and improved indoor air quality.

Radiant Floor Heating

It is easiest to install radiant heat flooring during new construction. The only way you can add a radiant floor heating system to your existing space is by doing some level of remodeling.

Add Comfort With Heated Tile Flooring

Radiant Floor Heating. Connaughton Construction.Add heated floors to tiled kitchen and baths. Walking on warm tile floors in the middle of the winter can be a reality for many northeast homeowners. Choose radiant floor heating to make your tile flooring comfortable in any season. Just imagine a bathroom retreat, wherewith the touch of a button, your floors radiate warmth. The kitchen, usually set in the north end of the home, will exude warmth beneath your feet.

Heated Driveway. Use radiant heating outside under the driveway and never have to shovel the drive again.

Which type of radiant floor heating is right for your home?


When we prepare for winter in the northeast, Bostonians hire Connaughton Construction to get the project managed on budget and on schedule.  Connaughton Construction has an A+ Rating with BBB.

A+ BBB Rating

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