Add Comfort With Heated Tile Flooring

Walking on warm tile floors in the middle of the winter can be a reality for many homeowners. Choose radiant floor heating to make your tile flooring comfortable in any season. Just imagine a bathroom retreat, where with the touch of a button, your floors radiate warmth.

Two types of radiant floor heating

Two types of radiant floor heating systems are electric and hydronic. Both of them involve adding a heating system into the subflooring.

It is easiest to install radiant heat flooring during new construction. The only way you can add a radiant floor heating system to  your existing space is by doing some level of remodelling.

Electric radiant floor heating systems

Best Types of Radiant Heat Flooring. Connaughton Construction.
Electric Radiant Floor Heating

Electric radiant heat is the best way to go for small spaces. For an electric radiant floor heating system, a mat containing wires that heat up is installed on top of the subfloor. The mat is set in a layer of thin set or cement and then tile is set on top of the cement.

Many homeowners who are remodeling a bathroom opt for electric radiant floor heating. It is easy to incorporate into a renovation, and the difference on the electric bill won’t be significant if you are not using it exclusively to heat the room.

Electric radiant floor heating systems do not need boilers, tubing, and thick flooring to function. Electric radiant floor heating  is the less expensive method to implement.

Hydronic radiant floor heating systems

Hydronic Radiant Heat Flooring. Connaughton Construction.
Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating

Hydronic radiant floor heating systems are best used in large areas. In a hydronic system, the plastic tubing in which the hot water heat runs through is looped through wood nailers, which are fastened on top of the subfloor, and the hardwood flooring is then installed on top of the wood nailers. The tubing is connected to a water heater or boiler. The system is activated by turning up the thermostat Then the boiler or water heater sends hot water through the tubes.

Your selection of the hardwood flooring should lean toward quarter sawn oak or old growth wood floors. The older growth woods are denser wood products and work best.

It is a comfortable heating option that is becoming quite popular in many homes, especially throughout Massachusetts. The warmth adds a luxurious feeling during winter to your home.

A Hydronic radiant floor heating system is more expensive to install than electric, but much less expensive to run. Many new construction projects incorporating radiant heat in the entire home will choose the hydronic radiant heating system.

Heating the water the traditional boiler using natural gas is one way. The construction managers at Connaughton Construction have provided solutions using alternative energy concepts. Inquire within.

How Radiant Floor Heating works

The tile or wood flooring is a large thermal mass. This means that tile or wood floor can store heat and then gradually release that heat throughout the room. Instead of having a heating vent blow hot air out and have it immediately pool on the ceiling, the heat stays where you are with the warm tile.

Which Radiant  Floor Heating system is Right For You?

If you want a luxurious get-away in your own home, then a Radiant  Floor Heating is definitely for you. In many remodeling projects, homeowners redo their bathroom and transform a cold, old space into a comfortable master bathroom with toasty warm tile flooring.

Electric radiant heat is very simple to incorporate into a remodeling project.

Hydronic radiant heat flooring is a good solution for large areas and wood floors.

Best Types of Radiant Floor Heating 

For over three decades Connaughton Construction has worked closely with homeowners, architects and interior designers to bring our clients╩╝ ideas to life. If you can imagine it, we can make it happen. Would NOW be a good time to be warm in the comfort of your home during these cold winter months? Let Connaughton Construction help you with our RADIANT FLOOR HEATING solution. 

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