Architect: Guy Grassi Architect Design Firm
Style: Georgian Colonial
Square Footage: 8,000
4 Bedrooms, 4.5 Baths
Length of Time to Finish: 1 year
Project Year: 2016
Project Cost:
Phase 1= $2,200,000
Phase 1: 12-month project
Phase 2= $440,000
Phase 2: 5 months
New HVAC system. New electrical wiring. New plumbing from brass to copper.
New structural beams put in place to support the new open floor plan.

Phase 1 Interior House Renovations

In phase 1, the first, second and third floors were renovated down to the studs.

On the first floor, the walls, ceiling, and flooring were ripped out.

To achieve an overall open space the walls and ceiling were ripped out to make room for new plumbing and electrical. This also allowed Connaughton Construction to add a new wet bar and a new powder room. The wet bar is seen in the picture of what looks like a cabinet on the wall with the staircase behind it. The all-white wood cabinets are flush with the wall. An accent of white and gray marble on the wall under the cabinets adds subtle yet classic color and interest.

The flooring was torn out to make room for new radiant floor heating throughout the first floor. It was then covered with a rich dark stain 3″ quartersawn white oak flooring.

The Addition

The addition was renovated into two-800 square foot offices. One for him. One for her. Here we added new floor-to-ceiling custom white wood windows, skylights, and built-in white wood cabinets with chrome accents. What was once a dark confined area is now a well lit, charming and well-organized area. Three modern oval-shaped lighting fixtures brighten the space when natural lighting is not available. Customized millwork adorns the ceiling, walls, and flooring. The flooring is dark stained quartersawn white oak. A warm contrast to the white walls and a continuum of the neutral tones. Neutral tones create a timeless classic design.

The Kitchen 

The kitchen has new beautiful built-in wood cabinets with flush appliances for continuous lines. Creating this elegant eating space we have new white and gray marble blanketing the “waterfall” island and sink, complimenting 2 flower-like glass chandeliers for the perfect accent and lighting with room for seating. The white and gray marble is carried over onto the countertop backsplash to add texture to the all-white walls and cabinets. The rich dark stain 3″ quartersawn white oak flooring is carried into the kitchen for a perfect room-to-room continuity.

Still on the first floor where a new mudroom is added. No pictures of the mudroom. Sorry.

Recessed lighting was added throughout all rooms.

The second floor has three bedrooms all redone while keeping the large spaces intact. Bathrooms were gutted and full-size laundry with two washers and two dryers added.

A New Master Suite

A master suite was added with walk-in closets and a master bath with a soaking tub and heated floors.

The third floor had a series of small rooms that we opened up for 2 good size bedrooms and 2 separate baths.

Phase 2

In phase 2 the renovations include the basement, the garage, and the exterior. No images available.

The basement renovations include 800 square feet complete with plushly carpeted family room with large screen tv for their home movie theatre room.

The garage renovations to accommodate 3 cars.

The exterior renovations include a beautiful new slate roof and new wood shutters. Just what we love for that New England curb appeal.

Landscaping was modified in the second phase as well. While Connaughton Construction does not provide landscaping services, we work closely with the landscaping architects to ensure the water lines and the proper electrical is in place to support the landscape design.

Hard to find pictures of phase 2.

The Project Challenges

  1. The Challenge was ensuring the comfort of the owners and respect for their personal space as they lived in the residence as we renovated, both phases.
  2. Connaughton was also up for the challenge having to run new plumbing to the basement to upgrade to current code. Matching the old plumbing from brass to the new copper plumbing is challenging finding the copper that fits correctly. 
  3. Working renovations within a “historic” residence. What deems a house “Historic”? the historic district of Newton, 
Typically, in order to qualify for the designation, a building must be at least 50 years old, must retain a high degree of integrity, and must have some level of historic significance. What’s the history of Newton? Well, you may or may not know the delicious Fig Newton snack was named after Newton. Nabisco, formerly known as the Kennedy Biscuit Company, named several of its products after towns in Massachusetts
Why is Suffolk Street considered a Historic district? The Old Chestnut Hill Historic District encompasses the historic residential heart of the Newton portion of Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. Chestnut Hill was first listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986.


Common Trends of Bostonian House Renovations

  • Quarter Sawn Oak Flooring
  • Neutral tones of white, grey for walls and cabinetry
  • Light or dark wood flooring
  • Open Floor Plan Concept 
  • Radiant heat flooring in bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor driveways, and
  • Roof Decks

Are there other renovation trends that you are seeing in Boston home design? Comment below. We’d love to hear what you’re seeing.