How to Find The Best Lots to Buy in Boston

Are you a builder or land developer investing in property in Boston? There are a few facts you should know. Here’s how to find the best lots to buy in Boston. You will find commercial lots and farms for sale in Massachusetts.

How does it work?

“We sell City property to developers who want to make the community better. ” according to the official City of Boston website, endorsed by Mayor Martin J Walsh. They sell a property through a competitive RFP process. The city looks for a price, proof of financing, and experience with development. They choose Buyers who meet all the requirements.How to find the best lots to buy in Boston

Who is buying in Boston these days?

It is surprising to see the amount of development going on in and around the City of Boston. Visit Boston’s website to see what is going on.

When deciding which property to sell, they determine if the current real estate market supports the development. When the city is ready to sell a parcel, the local residents assist in determining how to develop the property. They are involved in this process via public meetings and online platforms. The local community has a say if they want to develop the property. Local residents help shape the requirements for the Requests for Proposals. Developers must present their ideas to the community for feedback.

Are you an individual looking to buy land to build? The city sells to small builders and developers.

Where are the investors buying?

Some of the best towns in MA are Cambridge, Brookline, Newton, Lexington, Boston, Belmont, and Winchester. Ranking of best suburbs of Boston Area based on a dozen areas; public schools, crime, real estate, family, nightlife, diversity, for starters. You may be surprised to find commercial real estate, farms for sale, and land in Massachusetts.


Cambridge is famous because of the many famous thinkers that have studied at the University. Members of Cambridge University have been awarded 88 Nobel Prizes. With a population of just over 100,000, it has many old, beautiful buildings.


Brookline you will find Coolidge Corner bustling with people. There are plenty of top-notch eateries in Washington Square. The Coolidge Corner Theater is the top-rated Trip Advisor thing to do in Brookline.

Where do you find out about properties coming up for sale?

The City of Boston posts properties on the Neighborhood Development Requests for Proposals website. You’ll find the latest list of RFPs for property development. The Department of Neighborhood Development is responsible for housing the homeless, developing affordable housing, and managing the City’s real estate. They have information regarding active development projects, creating affordable housing, open space development, research and policy development, and the city’s process on how they sell the land and buildings.

How does the process work?

The first step in the process is determining that a property qualifies for development before putting it on the market. How does it qualify? The property has to be developable. Some areas, like underwater parcels or floodplains, are undevelopable, therefore will not be for sale. Additionally, they won’t sell a property that is meant for public open spaces such as urban wilds.

The Boston Planning and Development Agency

The Boston Planning and Development Agency will help investors, builders, and land developers with neighborhoods, planning, development, access to capital, the land owned by this agency, and the property disposition process.  

The BPDA property inventory consists of land parcels ranging from small, unbuildable parcels best suited for use by abutters, to larger parcels and sites consisting of contiguous land parcels that are suitable for residential, mixed-use, or commercial development.

The Real Estate department conducts strategic property dispositions with the goal of maximizing the public benefit that public land generates. They work with the community to activate underutilized property within the BPDA portfolio.

Property Disposition Process

The BPDA conducts its property dispositions through an open, transparent, community-driven process. We follow Massachusetts General Law (MGL) Chapter 30B as the guideline for our property sale process. Per Chapter 30B, we dispose of a parcel of land in one of the following ways: through RFPs, through the transfer of the parcel to another government agency, or directly. 

All RFPs for public land include criteria to promote diversity and inclusion, fostering a more inclusive workforce throughout the City of Boston.

When transferring the parcel to another government agency, they may transfer land to the Parks Department to preserve the land as open space, or transfer land to the Department of Neighborhood Development to develop neighborhood infill housing.

The third method of disposing of parcels of land is direct. The DND designates unbuildable parcels with values of $35,000 and below to abutters.

The Department of Neighborhood Development

The Department of Neighborhood Development  (DND: FAQ) is included in deciding what a parcel is used for. They consult with the community, elected officials, and neighborhood organizations to obtain feedback regarding appropriate uses for a site. The DND also considers feedback revealing characteristics of the site such as any known environmental or regulatory conditions, to ultimately decide on appropriate use for the real property. 

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