Unusual Square Spiral Stairway

Spectacular Stairway Collection

We would like to display our custom crafted stairway collection with you. We have plenty of  experience and impressive designs in our collection of stairways we built for customers throughout the Beacon Hill, Back Bay brownstones to Boston area homes in high end neighborhoods in Wellesley, Lincoln, Needham, Natick, and Concord.

Nothing says luxury more than architecturally appealing stairway. What’s that  saying….”You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.” Applies here. They are enchanting, just luring you to take that first step.

From classic to classy, all staircases showcase elegance and originality. They are actual stairways custom made to each home owners style, personality and taste. The owner can have his or her say concerning the shape and size, as well as it’s design. Ready to get inspired?

Luxury Stairway Gallery of Design Ideas, Pictures, and Remodels

Our enchanting spiral stairways, embracing the curve.  These stairs wrap around you, as if an embrace with its sinuous, continuous balustrade. From left to right…

Stairway Collection - 3 Spiral Designs

Square Spiral Stairway

The first spiral stairway details finished carpentry creating a wow factor on this square spiral stairway. White walls and spindles are compliments by stained and refinished wood stairs and handrails. This stairway is truly a work of art by Connaughton Construction. This unique design has a skylight at the bottom of the stairs designed to  let light in from the fourth floor down to the first floor. The stairway is in the middle of the townhouse, so bringing in light for this part of the house made a world of difference. This skylight was uncovered during reconstruction. We removed the frame, added tempered glass so people can walk on the glass.

Oval Spiral Stairway

This oval spiral stairway combines a traditional style design with ornate italian scroll design wrought iron railing. Pure decorative detail speaks  luxury divine. The elegant custom designed skylight at the top of the stairs permeates sunshine in, lighting up each step of the way up or down.

Round Spiral Stairway

This round spiral stairway, far right in image above, is luxury renovation. In The top image, you are looking down at a marble inlay design. The bottom picture is looking up at the same stairway, complimented by a plaster ceiling medallion. This type of Victorian design is found throughout most Boston brownstones. Those have have been restored to the old charm of the Victorian days. You could say this stairway begins and ends with beauty.



Stairway Collection - Custom Curved Wood Stairs with wrought ironCustom Curved Wood Stairway

This custom curved wooden stairway collection with painted white risers is jeweled with wrought iron balustrade cascading down to a limestone tile foyer entrance. A perfect compliment to the formal fireplace in the inviting entrance to this home.

The black carpeting on the stairs compliments the ornate railing and creates the focal point of the room, the black fireplace.


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Contemporary Wood and Wrought Iron StairwayStairway Collection - Contemporary Wood and Wrought Iron Stairway

You get more inspiring stairway collection styles at our website gallery of stairways in the Gallery of Custom Home Renovations.

A truly elegant staircase from a million dollar condo renovation in a Boston brownstone. A luxury stairway to step up your home style.

Full Brownstone Renovation Project Coming Soon. One property renovated into multiple multi-million dollar luxury Boston Condos.





Spectacular Stairway Collections


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