How does Connaughton Construction help you get your dream home to reality? From the ground up.

The construction process is definitely an art. There are many factors that contribute to the construction of a building. Architects and Construction managers play a vital role in the construction process and work closely with the building owner. Let’s take a look at the role of the construction manager in the building creation process.

Preconstruction. In the preconstruction phase, the construction manager oversees the building process and works directly with the building owner. We oversee a team of builders, engineers, and suppliers or tradesmen.

Three Phases of Design

While the Architect creates the first 2 phases of Design; Schematic Design and Design Development, the third phase where the Construction Drawings are finalized is where the Construction Manager gets involved in the project. We review the final specifications and materials that are detailed in the final drawings and provide estimates of the time and cost of the project. Then we build the project.

Meetings. A pre-construction meeting is held with the owner, architect, construction manager, project manager, inspectors, contractors, sub-contractors to plan for the construction process. Here a plan is set for meetings, schedule control, processes, and reports.

Construction. And so it begins. As the groundbreaking begins the round of construction, the Construction Manager will be onsite and is responsible for the transport of heavy equipment. We oversee the contract documentation to ensure the contractors have all the necessary permissions, tools, and equipment. We make sure everything is of expected quality, on schedule, and on budget.

Out of Ground. We begin clearing the site, moving the soil and ground cover, and begin construction of the foundation. Again, we continue responsibility for ensuring everything is of expected quality, on time, and on budget.

Topping Out.  During this phase the building frame is complete, windows are installed, roof, interior framing, and rough plumbing and electrical begin. We collect all documentation and ensure expected overall project quality, on time and on budget.

Weather Tight. Exterior siding, all doors, and windows are installed, lighting, masonry, and the structure is weather and waterproof. Again, we are ensuring everything is of expected quality, on time, and on budget.

Ready to Close in. The frame is inspected and the rough electrical is complete. During this stage, as the construction manager, we coordinate the work of the interior contractors, furniture deliveries, and equipment installers. We also review the documentation for the facility managers to prepare for occupancy.

Finish Stage. We prepare for the drywall, cabinets, carpet, and fixtures. We compile all the documentation for the facility manager on behalf of the owner.

In review, Connaughton Construction, as the Construction Manager, we are the organizer and planner who manages the resources to make sure the labor, materials, and equipment necessary for the construction process run as planned.

Our best referrals are from real estate agents and architects. We’ve been building and reconstructing properties from the ground up for over 30 years. Our expertise is in the city of Boston where we know the land, the building requirements, the departments of people who need to get involved in the approval process. We work closely with architects and property owners and with them we have built our reputation as a top-quality construction management custom builder. Many satisfied clients are in the heart of the city with high expectations of quality luxury buildings. We’re always ready for the next challenge.

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