Need Eight Smart Ideas to Plan Your Outdoor Kitchen?

More and more homeowners are updating their backyards with outdoor kitchens. What a treat to enjoy the same delight of indoor dining with the serenity of the great outdoors at your side. Installing an outdoor kitchen can not only prove to be a gift to yourself, but you can also justify it as an investment that will yield gains in the near future.

“Nearly two-thirds of architects are seeing increased demand for things like outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, according to an American Institute of Architects (AIA) Survey. There are no longer these hard divides between how folks are living inside and outside.”

-Kermit Baker Senior Research Fellow at Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies

Prep, Cooking, Serving, and Cleaning Stations

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Planning Your Outdoor Kitchen

Make sure that you have all the essentials to creating an outdoor kitchen area. This means having dedicated spaces where you can prep, cook, serve, and clean dishes. This will make your plan an all in one dining solution. Doing half the work indoors defeats the purpose of Outdoor Kitchen with Pergola - Connaughton Constructioninstalling an outdoor kitchen. Make sure that you include all of the essentials. Place faucets away from the cooking area so that the cook doesn’t have to be interrupted every time somebody needs to wash their hands.

Outdoor heating

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Heated Outdoor Kitchens

While the weather may be warm when you start grilling when the sun goes down in New England the night air chill may set in. Make sure that you’re comfortable by strategically placing patio heaters around your backyard and outdoor kitchen. Patio heaters allow your diners to enjoy the night air without needing to stay bundled up. Create a warming focal point by building a brick fireplace that guests can gather around.

Planning Your Outdoor Kitchen Layout

The layout of your outdoor kitchen is one of the most important things you’ll have to decide on. It will determine how smoothly the night’s events go. Fashion a dining table and seating arrangements in a way that makes seating inclusive. Make sure that your eating area is in close proximity to the grill. This will make serving easy when the food is so delicious that everybody wants seconds!

Outdoor Kitchen Entertainment & Accessibility

Throw in some built-in speakers around the outdoor kitchen to create a fun and social environment. Adequate lighting is necessary to keep your outdoor living area safe and accessible for all individuals. If you have friends or family members who are disabled, make sure that you accommodate all paths and walkways for them. Accessible outdoor furniture allows everybody to join in the fun.

How much for outdoor kitchens? About $35,000 on average

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