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Pre-Construction Services

Pre-Construction Services of Boston. Enlisting the professional help of a construction manager that provides pre-construction services for your custom home build or luxury renovation is a critical first step.

When a homeowner or commercial property owner wants a custom home builder Boston to build or renovate, the idea of planning a building project is daunting. Many property owners haven’t ventured into a reconstruction project before. Or they lack the time and resources to ensure everything is covered and that the project remains within budget.

For an urban building project, going it alone isn’t an option. That’s why enlisting the professional help of a construction manager that provides pre-construction services for your unique industry is a critical first step.

What is pre-construction work?

Pre Construction Services by Connaughton ConstructionPre-construction is the time to thoroughly assess and plan to mitigate risks associated with constructing the project. The assessment includes evaluating the construction site, permitting and inspection requirements, and any other special situations that need to be resolved before or during construction. 

What is Included In Pre-construction Management Services?

At a project’s design and development stage, Connaughton Construction works closely with the client and architect to help:

  • Value Engineer the project
  • Determine the budget
  • Detail the project schedule
  • Select the sub-contractor team
  • Define quality benchmarks
  • Determine pre-existing conditions

Value Engineering the Project

Connaughton Construction has a systematic, organized approach to providing necessary functions in a project at the lowest cost. Value engineering promotes the substitution of materials and methods with less expensive alternatives, without sacrificing functionality.

Our participation in the pre-construction phase saves clients substantial time and money through effective communications that can resolve potential project problems in advance.

Determining the Budget for Pre-construction Management Services

Preconstruction management services are used to help meet a client’s vision as well as match their construction budget. Determining a budget for a renovation is no small task.

Determining a budget for a custom home renovation or building project is no small task. This requires an experienced estimator. It is the construction manager’s job to assess every aspect of a project, from materials and labor to equipment, subcontractors, permits, and more. From there, they need to provide a reliable cost estimate of what it will take to complete the project according to specifications.

Connaughton Construction is a preconstruction contractor Boston.

Detail the Project Schedule

Developing and coordinating a construction schedule and all related activities involves hundreds of logistical considerations and moving parts.

Estimating, bid releases, meetings, regulations, permitting, deliveries, storage, subcontractors, inspections, and a host of other elements need to be accounted for.

As experienced construction managers, we use our skills and expertise to accurately determine milestones for coordinating every aspect and accomplishing each phase of construction.

Selecting the Subcontractor Team for pre-construction Services

An important aspect of risk management is ensuring that everyone who touches your project has the experience and know-how to complete their tasks to your satisfaction.

As a long-time qualified construction manager who provides pre-construction management services, we have a vast network of equally qualified subcontractors and professional service providers at our disposal.

They are well-vetted and have a strong record of past performance.

Pre-qualifying and building relationships with subcontractors takes time, but is worth the effort and helps keep your project on time and on budget.

Define Quality Benchmarks

Building a construction project faster, cheaper, safer and at a high level of quality is the ideal scenario every building team hopes to achieve. It’s easy to measure whether a project has met its goals for safety, cost, and schedule. But what about quality?

To proactively evaluate and ensure the implementation of quality on construction projects, preventative activities are critical. Some that we monitor are

  • Water Infiltration. A water event could be weather, site, or a system that resulted in a clean-up effort or damage to existing construction.
  • Missed Key Project Activity. Any activity the team committed to that they did not accomplish.
  • Major Rework. Any rework above a set cost (for example, $2,500) to any party—owner, designer, contractor or trade contractors; or any rework that impacts the project’s critical path by one day or more.
  • Failed Tests—any test that fails for which the project team had expected to pass.

We use a preventative and results approach to measure the quality of design and construction. We ultimately provide a more efficient process capable of producing renovations and building faster, cheaper and better.

Determine Preexisting Conditions

Not all projects are new construction. Many homeowners renovate or add on to an existing structure. In these cases, pre-existing conditions that may impact design and structural integrity need to be understood and accounted for. This step will help determine if a complete replacement, major renovation, or minimal renovation is necessary.

If renovations are in order, the direction, load calculations, material strength, roof junctures, piping, and a host of other building systems must be integrated seamlessly.

A thorough analysis must be conducted to provide a comprehensive bid package and avoid costly surprises once demolition or construction begins.

Benefits Summary of Pre-construction Services

Pre-Construction Services include vital knowledge and expertise that can make or break the renovation project when you are not familiar with the local procedures and regulations. Save by hiring a highly skilled company, Connaughton Construction at value engineering projects, determining the realistic budget, detailing the project schedule, selecting the sub-contractor team, defining quality benchmarks, and determining pre-existing conditions.

As you can see, the foundation of your building project’s success relies on much more than brick and mortar. When considering which construction manager to work with, be sure to ask about each of these pre-construction services and others they may provide. The building experts at Connaughton Construction are here to talk through what’s involved. We are eager to help you take the next steps. Get in touch today.

We are custom home builders Boston Massachusetts Lincoln, Newton, Wellesley, Melrose, Beacon Hill, Cambridge, Back Bay, North End, Seaport District for over 35 years.

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Connaughton Construction has delivered exceptional custom home building service and renovation projects since 1980. From working with clients on pre-construction to managing the project through completion and move-in, our mission is to deliver the very highest level of quality performance and customer satisfaction.

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Pre-Construction Services

At a project’s design and development stage, Connaughton Construction works closely with the client and architect to help:

  • value engineer the project
  • determine the budget
  • detail the project schedule
  • select the sub-contractor team
  • define quality benchmarks

Our participation in the pre-construction phase saves clients substantial time and money through effective communications that can resolve potential project problems in advance.

Construction Management

Our experienced, well-trained project managers, averaging over ten years with Connaughton Construction, bring expertise, enthusiasm, and energy to every project. Their construction management work includes:

  • project scheduling
  • cost estimating and control
  • plans review and support
  • regulatory coordination and code compliance
  • determining and maintaining quality control
  • safety plans and management
  • weekly project update meetings

Their dedication to exceptional quality is clear in the special pride taken in craftsmanship, the care and attention to complex details, and the willingness to go that extra mile to obtain the right result, while still delivering an on-schedule, on-budget performance every time.

At Connaughton Construction, we understand the importance of building a strong team effort among owner, architect, engineer and subcontractors who share our commitment to workmanship and quality. The added benefit for our clients of our long-standing relationships with a qualified, depedable group of sub-contractors and suppliers is that we’re able to obtain excellent prices for top quality work and materials.

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