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Testimonials by Clients

Company : Connaughton Construction
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"Working with your company has been a pleasure. Your attention to detail allowed us to preserve the historical value of the building while totally renovating its infrastructure. Your willingness to go the extra mile to obtain the desired results earned you our respect. At all times you showed professionalism and never allowed the pressure of the job to interfere with its proper management."

Back Bay, Boston   

"The wonderful team we worked with was very reliable and did everything to make us happy, which is hard when a job is such an extensive on as ours was. We also really appreciated that the budget was kept where planned and the work completed on schedule."

Beacon HIll, MA   

"We’ve been delighted with the quality and professionalism of Connaughton Construction. We found you and your team to be honest and dependable; rare traits in the contracting world. Everyone was accommodating and easy to work with, and put up with our changes and requests with good humor and fair treatment."

Lincoln Road, Lincoln, MA   

"We were thrilled by the work of the Connaughton team. Your focus on quality and attention to detail was fantastic. Our project came in on budget and on schedule. You were always ready to do the work to get things done just the way we wanted, and built our home as though you were going to move in."

Edmunds Road, Wellesley, MA   

"We give our hardy endorsement to Connaughton Construction for the excellent job that your team did to get the renovation of our home done on a timely basis without sacrificing any quality of workmanship. The subs that were used showed a thorough understanding of how to bring a grand old home into the Twenty-first century."

Melrose, MA   

Testimonials by the Trade

Company : Connaughton Construction
Website :

"Connaughton Construction has always managed to provide quality, good value and aggressive schedules on our projects, when getting one or two of these is usually difficult. We always push Connaughton to produce complex projects on difficult sites with demanding clients, and they have never let us down."

"Working with Connaughton construction is a pleasure. The professionalism and experience they bring to each new project ensures that things progress smoothly and also allows the client to be creative, knowing that the job will meet their specific needs and be well-managed. Building a home and remodeling can be stressful, but using a responsible company like Connaughton guarantees you peace of mind and beautiful results."

Newton, MA   

"Thanks for your very impressive value-engineering breakdown on very short notice. I wish that I could find GC's like you in NYC - you are a pleasure to work with. I have never encountered such attention to detail in 19 years of practice."

New York, NY   

"In my opinion, I do not know a contractor who has completed more high quality, upscale construction in the Boston area than Connaughton Construction. I have and will continue to recommend them for any project that requires detail, expertise and of course, follow-through."

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