What exactly does a Construction Manager do? you ask.

Construction Manager often called general contractors, will coordinate and supervise a wide variety of projects, including the building of all types of public, residential, commercial, and industrial structures, as well as roads, memorials, and bridges. John Connaughton, the owner of Connaughton Construction, is a Construction Manager who has worked with many homeowners, architects, and developers. “We have been custom building and renovating large residential projects into grand living spaces for over 30 years.”, says John.

What Exactly Does A Construction Manager Do by Connaughton Construction“As a Construction manager, we are responsible for setting and keeping schedules, monitoring finances, and making certain the team is accomplishing what they should every day. We help ensure that the workplace is free of safety hazards and deal with the various working relationships that exist on a job site.”, says Connaughton.

Responsibilities of a Construction Manager

There are certain responsibilities we hold as construction managers. These include:

Quality management

Construction projects quite often involve a number of contractors and subcontractors. One of our most important jobs is making certain everyone is doing quality work and not cutting any corners along the way.

Cost management

We are constantly on top of costs. We make the necessary adjustments when unexpected complications arise.

Safety management

As Construction manager, we are able to identify and eliminate possible safety hazards for the good of everyone on the job site.

Contract administration

It is our job to ensure that every provision of the contract is being met and that all parties involved are happy.

Construction managers need to keep all parties well informed throughout the whole project. This includes the client, the architect, and any subcontractor and supplier involved. If issues arise, we deal with them immediately. This is where we must possess the communication skills necessary to lead a diverse team.

The team includes all involved in the process from the site workers to the client to designers, architects, tradesmen and local building officials. Since most construction environments are fast-paced and are held to tight deadlines, the ability to effectively multitask is required to be a successful construction manager.

Compliance Requirements

Every city and state has certain rules to adhere to in order to complete the project properly. As construction managers, we need to be well aware of the codes and comply with them. Most importantly we need to make sure that we are apprised of any and all changes to building codes. There is nothing more important than getting it done right the first time! 

A Construction Manager Does More than Reading Blueprints

A construction manager (particularly in Massachusetts) involves much more than just reading blueprints or spot-checking the quality of work being done. Qualified construction managers are knowledgeable about all standard building codes and understand the importance of green architecture.

Technology Savvy Management

We use industry-specific software and have a good working knowledge of all aspects of each project. Connaughton Construction is knowledgeable in statistics, mathematics, architecture, and information technology. We specialize in planning, enforcement of building codes, scheduling, and cost estimation.

Real-World Experience of a Construction Manager

Clients today want a qualified construction manager with real-world experience and overall knowledge of the principles of construction management for their projects.

At Connaughton Construction, as the Construction Manager, we organize, plan, and manage the resources to make sure the labor, materials, and equipment necessary for the construction process run smoothly.

Our best referrals are from real estate agents, architects, and previous clients. We’ve been building and reconstructing properties from the ground up for over 30 years. Our expertise is in the city of Boston where we know the building requirements and the departments of people who we need to involve in the approval process. We work closely with architects and property owners. With them, we have built our reputation as top-quality construction managers of custom home builders. Many satisfied clients live in the City of Boston. We’re always ready for the next challenge.

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