Benefits of Solar Panelssolar panels

Solar Panels provide energy savings through lower electric bills. You can save  25 percent or more annually on your utility bill and avoid unpredictable rate hikes that can be 6 percent. In a recent Boston Globe article both NSTAR and National Grid announced winter rate hikes that will average about 10%.

Solar Panels increase home values

For every $1,000 annual reduction in your utility costs, the value of the home increases by an estimated $20,000. Here’s another way to look at it: Homeowners recoup 97 percent of the investment it takes to go solar while those who upgrade their kitchen get back about 60 percent of their investment.

Solar Panels have environmental benefits

A solar PV(photovoltaic) system that provides about half of a household’s electrical use eliminates CO2 emissions equivalent to operating two fossil-fuel burning cars for almost 30 years.

Reducing the electricity we draw from the grid means reducing carbon emissions. This results in cleaner air, cleaner water and cleaner soil for your family and community, for generations.

Solar Panels Create Jobs

Solar jobs come in many forms, from manufacturing, installing, monitoring and maintaining solar panels, to research and design, development, cultural integration, and policy jobs. Choosing to go solar helps the economy as well as your wallet.

Solar Panels Have Buying and Leasing options

Buying requires an upfront investment, and you can start saving money immediately by taking advantage of the various incentives and rebate programs available to you. You also get a warranty on your panels.

With Leasing, you don’t have to worry about maintaining, repairing or insuring your panels. There’s usually no initial cost with leasing. You also buy energy at a lower rate than if you received it from the electric companies, so you save money right away.

Most home solar power systems last between 25 and 35 years, and there’s no maintenance needed. Rain and melting snow keep the panels clean and operating efficiently.

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